Forbidden History

Conventional wisdom dictates people can't handle the truth.
I say, reasoning, decent people can't handle lies even more.
Therefore, my books are unconventional history.

Author Jozef (Joe) Borovský
explores the complex relationships between mediaeval western and eastern European peoples.
Their struggles bequethed to the world Odium as well as Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of
Happiness. Discover a true, but paradoxical history you are not supposed to know, how your
world came to be.
It has everything to do with Elizabeth Bathory.

Chrysalis I

Where does hatred comes from?
In our Metamorphosis of Odium when western divinity denied liberty to all.
It's what also made Elizabeth's world... and ours!

Metamorphosis of Odium
is the first compendium of the author's research notes, resurrecting muted voices
of mediaeval heretics to reveal the origins of western cultural hatred, or in Latin, Odium.

Only once one knows this, may one begin to unravel FORBIDDEN HISTORY.

Chrysalis II

Western divinity's terror ended,
its forces annihilated on the battlefields of Ungaria
by house Bathory which arose to challenge imperial greed!

Carpathian Liberty
is the second compendium of the author's research notes. This book resurrects muted voices of
mediaeval heretics to reveal the origins of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
No. It was not invented in America, but somewhere else, centuries before America.

Knowing this, one may continue to unravel FORBIDDEN HISTORY.


asked questions

Does the author give talks?
Yes. The author has spoken at many functions, and met groups with an interest in European history.
In what languages does the author give talks?
English. Slovak.
How do I book a talk for my group with the author?
Send the Author an e-mail to book a time and place.
How much does the author charge for group talks?
The author does not charge a fee for talks in his home town of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Outside of Calgary, the author charges a set fee, plus travel, lodgings, and per diem expenses to be pre-paid by the group.
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