Chrysalis: Metamorphosis of Odium and Carpathian Liberty - Chrysalis Appendices

Chrysalis Appendices

Read the complete, unpublished appendices not found in any of my production printed or e-book versions. Free. Published here as an e-book readable on any device.

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The e-book contains nine, unpublished appendices - papal bulls, as well as correspondence between medieval popes and Mongol Khans referenced in my published books.

☆ Pope Gregory I, Meminit Enim Sublimitas Tua, 590

☆ Pope Lucius III, Ad Abolendam, 1184

☆ Pope Innocent III, Quia maior, 1213

☆ Pope Gregory IX, Vox in Rama, 1233

☆ Pope Innocent IV, Cum Non Solum, 1145

☆ Pope Innocent IV, Dei Patris Immensa, 1245

☆ Güyük Khan, Replies to Pope Innocent IV, 1245

☆ Baycu Noyan Reply to Pope Innocent IV, 1248

☆ Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam, 1302



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