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Western divinity's terror ended,
its forces annihilated on the battlefields of Ungaria
by house Bathory which arose to challenge imperial greed!

This book does not claim absolute truths, but it speaks for those who can no longer speak for themselves by the histories they witnessed, wrote about, and defined their ancestors and descendants, including the most powerful woman who ever lived - Countess Elizabeth Bathory. She tried to change the world; she paradoxically succeeded and failed. But what drove her; what did she know we do not; what is her history? To begin to understand all this, one must travel back to when it started, when truth first became obscured, and when European society - western culture - went horribly wrong. It is why her sixteenth-century world was the way it was. Today, historiological truths of the European Medieval Dark Ages, at best, exist as dim flashes of information in ancient manuscripts. A very interconnected European medieval history has much more but inconvenient historiological details to inform us of events, names, places, and dates, but like a giant, complicated jigsaw puzzle. Unfortunately, many pieces are still missing, none more so than Carpathia's.

Consequently, an incomplete, theoretical picture of historical reality remains. There's a reason for it. Europeans struggled for Humility, Humanity and Liberty throughout history, but only Carpathian Ungars maintained and struggled to keep it for more than a millennium - from ∼600 CE to 1711. Their history has gone missing, supplanted by myths. Their most outstanding leaders are caricatures of Gothic horror literature, and their greatest traitors are their heroes. Their monuments are everywhere. Carpathia's history does not exist in western consciousness. What is it about Carpathia we are not supposed to know? Its missing medieval jigsaw puzzle pieces, when liberated from obscure archives, then reassembled, and inserted into the macro context of centuries, however, allows us to understand why. It's a story of us.

(Borovský, Chrysalis II: Carpathian Liberty, 2019) tells of the origin of Europe's heart of liberty - the Slavic Carpathian peoples. The period covered is roughly from the early eleventh to late fourteenth centuries. The book explores the complexity of the Late Medieval period from a Carpathian, Slavic-Turkic perspective. An extremist, elitist European world sunk deeper into human depravity - of European and Middle Eastern genocides and material greed. These depravities gave the rise to Hohenstaufen, Arpád, Bathory, and Osman dynasties. Together, they kindled a period of philosophical awakening - a fundamental reformation of the feudal order. Because of them, the supreme Vatican lost control over its Holy Roman Empire for the first time. Such heresies responded to the Apostolic Inquisition, Avignon Papacy, Mongol Invasions of Europe and the Middle East, and the extermination of non-compliant ruling European dynasties Hohenstaufen and Arpád. Only the Bathorys survived, but they had to endure a debilitating war. One dynasty - Habsburg - sought to profit from the chaos. Indeed they did. Their arrival marks the end of the first great pendulum swing of European cultural metamorphosis. Soon, it would be Elizabeth Bathory's duty to change the world.

My father was an author. He wrote real history - of Elizabeth Bathory - based on his research in the 1950s. It turned out that to the regime, even centuries-old history mattered a great deal. It earned him political re-education in a Communist labour camp before I was born. His works, destroyed. I'm an amateur historian beholden to nobody for my work. I'm Canadian, university educated, but born in Czechoslovakia, now Slovakia. I write for myself, but primarily to honour my parent's memory, for my family, friends, and of course, for Elizabeth, for Wisdom's Triumph! This book has been an intimate journey of discovery for me, as I'm sure it will be for the reader. I think I managed to resurrect something my father wrote all those years ago. I hope you enjoy reading my book as much as I loved writing it.

Jozef Borovský - Author

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Chapter 1:
Cultus Adeptum (Culture of Genocide)
Chapter 2:
Adeptum Libertas Perditionis (Freedom to Achieve Perdition)
Chapter 3:
Cultus Avaritus (Culture of Greed)
Chapter 4:
Cultus Avaritus in Finem Dierum (Culture of Greed in the End of Days)
Chapter 5:
Bathory Chrysalis


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History, Europe, Austria & Hungary
History, Europe, Medieval
History, Social History


Apostolic Genocides ☆ Apostolic Greed ☆ Secular Non-Compliance ☆ Ungarian Resistance ☆ Apostolic Inquisitions ☆ Apostolic Regime Changes ☆ Rise of Bathorys

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