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You already know me as the author of the Chrysalis series of books. I don’t know many things. But I’ve learned that knowing one’s purpose matters most in life. But it’s a quest like the allegory of the Holy Grail. First, one must be a responsible parent. One must teach children morals before they reach the age of seven; it will give them a foundation in humanity, humility, and reason, making them responsible, well-adjusted teenagers and successful adults of your community for life. Life’s challenges will produce a dependent adult who will profoundly disappoint and easily betray if one doesn’t. Second, one should know that poverty is not only about financial wealth but takes many forms, and whether rich or poor, the greatest treasure is wisdom. The root cause of the impoverishment at any level is human greed, born of selfishness, ignorance, perpetuating five-sixths of the planet’s humanity to abject financial poverty. A few can never repair this inequity. But one can begin by never trying to associate with selfish, ignorant, and greedy idiots on their own level, regardless of the size or quality of their house. If your parents taught you well and being intelligent, you’ll try to deal with stupid people on their level, and on their level, they’ll beat you down every time. Finally, assuming that your parents equipped you with reason and ancestral knowledge, listen to everyone, believe none, and think for yourself. One will be victorious with patience and find happiness after difficulty. Be patient. When you get older, you will know your purpose.

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