How to Become a Chrysalis Books Member Author

Becoming a Chrysalis Books Member Author and getting published here is easy!

If you have a passion for writing, love history, have read one of my books and wish to write a short piece concerning something in that book, well then, you have come to the right place. Publishing an article here, written by you is an easy three-step process. There is no paperwork for you to sign.


STEP 1. Register For An Account

Presumably, you have read our Terms and Conditions, including the Privacy and Cookie policies. As an author, you want to pay close attention to the copyright section. In a nutshell, whatever you write is yours, but you grant as permission to use it. You also warrant that whatever content or media you use is owned by you or is licenced to be used by you. Go to the registration page and enter your account information. The system will ask you to provide three things:

  1. A username;
  2. A valid e-mail address;
  3. And a password.

You will receive access to your account straight away. Make sure you update your profile to how you like it.


STEP 2. Get Approved

  1. Use the Contact Form  and make sure that you use the same e-mail address as the one associated with your account you just created. Make sure that you state clearly that you wish to become a Chrysalis Books Member Author, and generally what you would like to write about and when you intend to have the work ready for publication.
  2. If all goes well, I’ll instruct the administrator to grant you author privileges on your account. You will be notified when this is done. Log in and start creating your article. The publishing console is intuitive to use, so you should have no trouble using it. The easiest way to write your article is on your word processor like MicrosoftTM Word and then just cut and paste into our system. A little formatting by you is all you need to do, like add images or video.


STEP 3. Get Published

When you are happy, please use the contact form again and let me know that your piece is ready for publishing. I’ll give it a quick edit, or let you know if we have any concerns. There should be none. If there are, you will need to make the adjustments. We will decide together if your article should be posted in the “M.AUTHOR POSTS,” or “C.BOOKS-RELATED” section. Once this process is out of the way, voila! The administrator will publish your article.

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