Original posting: January 1, 2020.
Updated: October 19, 2021.
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Why the Chrysalis Books?

Why the Chrysalis books? The answer, like life, and veritable history, is complicated. I’ll try to give a short answer. To summarise, few in the west today know who Elizabeth Bathory is. If you are one of them, count yourself among a tiny, privileged minority. And if you do know of her, chances are that you don’t know her really as well as you think you do! That’s perfectly understandable.

We are not supposed to know Elizabeth Bathory in historical reality, only as a legend. You are also not supposed to know her real historical significance in the events in sixteenth-seventeenth century Europe. If you do know of her, then you know her by her label as the Blood Countess or simply as the most prolific serial killer in history. Only a tiny fraction of those who know of her know the factual circumstances of the infamous countess. Whatever label you know Elizabeth Bathory by, all myths and slanderous labels are created to defame character. The real question is not if she did all the things legend says she did, but why there’s a legend in the first place. Suppose one digs deep into history’s dark secrets. In that case, one will discover that she is the most powerful woman who lived, probably ever. It’s also why her legend lives on, that, and human stupidity. Elizabeth Bathory is not just any person. Had she lived, we would enjoy far greater liberty than we have, even today. So, if, by chance, you don’t know who she is - welcome. And should you chose to read one of my books, you honour Elizabeth Bathory and me. We can lament liberty lost together. She’s my muse, and I write because of her.

Why should anyone care about Elizabeth Bathory? Think of all the major world conflicts that occurred from the day she was assassinated in 1610 until the present day. The most deadly, destructive conflict, the Thirty Years’ War ever waged in human history, began two decades after her death. And no! This war wasn’t about religion, but about liberty versus enslavement, a Habsburg God-given demand of Europe’s submission to their divine right to a European empire! The secular Bathorys waged an economic and financial war to destroy the Holy Roman Empire. The divine Habsburgs waged military war, forcing their opposition, the Bathorys, Osmans, and their allies, to react in kind. The horrors of war after the Thirty Years’ War did end. This, in essence, is the timeless nature of war’s origins – political greed, trade war, then military war. Real history is dark.

In Elizabeth Bathory’s day, there was no CSI - crime scene investigation - technology like today. Politicians, depending on social status, assassinated their opponents with little to no consequences. Elizabeth Bathory was merely one of their victims. No. Important people did not slip on proverbial banana peels as historians would like you to believe. Nor did anyone have a clue what a personality disorder was. However, assassinations, being acts of desperation when all else fails, come with an ironclad guarantee of serious blowback. So, the assassin’s employer must take counter-measures. Nothing destroys public respect of enemies than the court of public opinion. Character assassination. And once a public character is destroyed, it becomes almost impossible to restore respect, especially if the murder victim’s family are systematically eliminated. A covenant of trust is broken. The Habsburgs invented bureaucracy. They also invented a system of murders, followed character assassinations, once they snuffed out the victim’s supporters, which, in the seventeenth century, was the true purpose of the Thirty Years’ War! Human nature has not changed much since then. It doesn’t mean people are bad. Just a few are rotten to the core. As for the slander, the character assassination, frankly, scandal sells! Enter the betrayers of humanity’s liberty. Greedy, mediocre, beholden historians, journalists, and the historically ignorant masses. This triad completes the murder-character-assassination scandals, making a revised history historically permanent. That’s because the most powerful human force on the planet is belief, irrespective of facts. Political victims usually disappear from the pages of history books after about a generation or two. Research is a time-consuming and expensive undertaking, but any idiot can write propaganda on a shoestring budget! After that, serious historians have to dig deep to find the historically disappeared. But exonerating historical political victims is an almost impossible task. Belief, once it becomes ingrained in the culture, is difficult to change. For that, one needs reasonable people. Let’s call them leaders. These are responsible people who know history because they think for themselves!

Thus, to find historical truth, one must identify the most important person to a given historical event. And if they died an unnatural death, one must dig deep into the archives. Elizabeth Bathory is the linch pin that blows the barn door open on the Habsburg historical seventeenth-century fairy tale of international intrigue! Therein lie truths.

I admit it. I loved myths and Gothic horror growing up. Sometimes I still enjoy a tale or two. But there comes the point when a person has to put on their big boy trousers and brave the world, for there are real, terrifying monsters out there who exploit and ruin lives. All it takes is an encounter with one of them, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and social backgrounds. So, one can take a chance in life. One can choose to amuse oneself with myths and live in a fantasy and never grow up, probably becoming a victim along the way. Conversely, one can opt for reality, learn to avoid the boogeyman, and live a happy, fruitful life.

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