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The Story

How did the Chrysalis books come about? Well, it all began with a legend and a portrait. Čachtice Fortress in Čachtice, Slovakia (background image) had several owners over the centuries, but none more notorious than the seventeenth century Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Nowadays, thousands of tourists flock here each year to see, for themselves, where she was imprisoned for her crimes of torture and mass murder. At least, that's the legend, consumed as historical fact. Most who visit here leave as they arrived - curious skeptics - but not disappointed. The countryside is beautiful. The people are welcoming. History is utterly silent on the real woman, her real family, and her real country, her real Europe. All these things have been expunged from history books centuries ago. All that's left of her are ruins and one original portrait. Why? What were we not supposed to know? What are we still not supposed to know? The truth - at least an approximation of it, that is.

The story of Elizabeth encompasses much, much, more than her tragic lifetime. To understand her, her country, her history, one must travel back in time to when it really began, where truth first became obscured, and where European society - Western culture - went horribly wrong. It is why her world was the way it was. It is how our world still is. She tried to change it but ultimately failed. Toward the end of the Medieval Dark Ages, revised history served to hide the true cultural identity and achievements of a Carpathian Slavic-Turkic people. It's how, historically, Ungaria became "unknown and unheard of, " metamorphosed into a place called Hungary. It's because centuries before the Age of Reason rediscovered the fundamental and universal human idea of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in a New World, Ungarian peoples had already struggled for these principles for an entire millennium. It's really a story of us. Read more...


Here you will find the stuff that matters - information - details about my books; historic data; media associated with the places featured in, or associated with, the Chrysalis book series; and so on.

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